The diary of COMO ID since 2015

We know you are wondering why did we name our Interior Design studio COMO?
So yes! You guessed right! We named it after the beautiful city of COMO, Italy We believe this is a place that gathers a bit of everything. Design, nature, luxury, good food, night life, outdoor activities, exclusivity, history among many others, but it is also where there are mills of well-known fabric manufacturer.
Because we love every corner of this city, we wanted to bring a little bit of that to Latin America. So we did, we opened an Interior Design studio and a Fabric Showroom in the capitals cities of Venezuela and El Salvador.

COMO is an interior design studio with extensive experience in project development. Each team member has a passion for creating and executing avant-garde proposals tailor-made to each client. Our Latin team of designers and architects values and gets inspired by diverse cultures which can be visible in their always complex and forward thinking designs.

Each space created by COMO achieves the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, embracing our client’s lifestyle by telling a story all under the philosophy: “luxury without pretension.” Our priority is that our customers have the experience of living the design, so we put great emphasis on understanding their needs, architecture, and context. We make integral spaces seeking to highlight the history of our clients and their spaces, taking into account personal objects of great value for them and integrating those in the proposals. These objects make the areas that we intervene feel alive and unique especially when complemented with custom-made furniture.

We are well known for the use of color blocking; we highlight the natural textures of the materials and, because of our love for textiles, we apply them to furniture, floors, and walls. Our team specializes in showing the whole proposal before it becomes a physical reality to visualize exactly how it would look and then we carry out an accompaniment throughout the execution process.

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