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Caracas, Venezuela.
San Roman
Date: 2015.
Area: 325 m2 - 3.498 ft2.
Project manager: Rafael Arvelo - COMO ID
Sales manager (textiles): Gabriela Teixeira - COMO ID
Architect and Contractor: Diego Díaz
Kitchen project: Tiziana Silicani
Photography: Gustavo Maldonado
For the apartment designed by the architect Federico Beckhoff in 1960, COMO highlighted the space integration and respected it’s original architecture. With a view to the mountains of Caracas and the elements of it’s modern architecture, the firm focused on a concept inspired by the Bauhaus style of the 1930s’. With key pieces like the rug designed by Tom Dixon for The Rug Company and the Warner Planter chairs, COMO created an eclectic space where the residents work and at the same time give a social welcome.